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Stressing about your wedding day timeline? Here's what the day looks like for your wedding florist!

You've been planning your wedding for the past 6 months, a year, or maybe more (we were engaged for two years!) and each second of your day is planned for on your end. You know when you are getting your hair done and what time your ceremony is, but what may remain a little in the dark is what goes on behind the scenes with your vendors. You may feel a little like this:

We get it! Let us break down the day for your from the florist perspective!

1. The first thing we think about if what time your ceremony is. We want to make sure that everything is set up perfectly for your ceremony. So we work back from that time to ensure we have enough time to create all your floral arrangements in time and be out of the way by the big moment.

2. The second part of the timeline is how many on site arrangements we have to set up. If you have a simple set-up such as setting out centerpieces and a small arbor, we shouldn't be at the venue very long! But if you have a large, lush arbor and some on site set-up in the reception area, we will need more time. But don't worry! We plan for this.

3. Does your venue need us to arrive after a certain time? Some venues need time to take down from the previous night or run another business in the venue and therefore we cannot be on site until later. We will ensure that our time at the venue fits into the timeframe that the venue allows.

4. The weather. If your wedding day has high temperatures, wind, very low temperatures, etc. we will take that into account when setting up our arrangements. We want your arrangements to look perfect from your ceremony to the end of the night, so we plan our day to ensure that arrangements that may be effected by weather are done with care and later in our timeline.

In addition to thinking about these four elements, we like to be at your venue as early as possible. It helps us feel the most prepared if anything goes awry.

As for your personal flowers, we will deliver those to where you are as soon as we get to the venue. We will check in, see how you are doing and show you how to hold your bouquet or pin your boutonniere. If you and your partner are getting ready in separate places, we will drop off your personal flowers at both sites!

We hope this helps clarify any concerns you may have and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out!

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