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Late Summer Wedding in Fairfax | E+S

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Our favorite wedding to date...OURS! We got married on August 15th at the Inn at Grace Farm in Fairfax. We welcomed our family and friends to the venue that felt very us: a big farmhouse with beautiful views of the state where we met. For many of the guests, this was the first time we had seen them in over 2 years (gosh darn pandemic!). Neither Sam or I are good at letting others take charge, so the whole day was planned and prepared by us.

The details

The first major detail was the flowers. We started our farm because of our love of the land but also OUR WEDDING! I grew all our own flowers for the wedding as well as designed them. Although not a traditional floral look, I wanted to highlight my favorite flowers (dahlias and lisianthus) while also not taking away from me and Sam.

A second major detail was ensuring that I felt that people who were huge female role models to me were acknowledged. My paternal grandmother who passed before my wedding was represented in my 'something old.' I wore her wedding pearls that were gifted to her by my grandfather. For my 'something borrowed,' I made my maternal grandmothers special cookies called Mexican Wedding Cookies. These were always a food I looked forward to baking and eating with her and the cookie name felt fitting.

Lastly, we wanted our guests to enjoy the day just as much as us. First, we chose our favorite food, tacos. Everyone seemed to love a change from the traditional wedding foods and it also allowed for many dietary restrictions. My personal favorite touch was writing individual notes for each attendee. I am so glad I did this, despite the time it took, because it ensured that I thanked every attendee personally even if our conversations on the day of were brief.

We were so happy with how our day went, and we cannot wait to continue to bring smiles to people's faces on their wedding day with our florals.

Venue: The Inn at Grace Farm

Photographer: AveyBaby Photography

Hair/Makeup: Hair by Christiana

Catering: Madeleines Bakery and The Roving Feast

Bridesmaid Dresses: Dear Cleo

Florals: Us!

Suits: Men's Warehouse

Bride's Ring: Karlise Fine Jewelers

Groom's Ring: Manly Bands

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