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Floral Trends for 2023

As we approach the new year, we wanted to round up what we predict will be popular in 2023 for wedding florals. Although many of our weddings we book follow trends in the wedding industry, we love when trends have a fun spin on them or when couples ditch the trends and try something of their own. We think the best way to look at trends is as a guide to inspire you for your own wedding!

Fleur Du Nord Farm

Trend 1: Ground arches

This trend is so fun! One of our couples this fall jumped on this bandwagon and it turned out so good! The ground arch allows you to add some spice to your ceremony site but keeps the guests eyes on you during the ceremony. Ground arches are also great as they can be moved and repurposed in the reception site pretty easily. Katie and Alden this fall had a shorter ground arch with fall inspired colors (oranges, dark greens, and fluffy pampas) but ground arches could also be taller with spike like flowers or pampas in the back and lush florals in the front. Additionally, ground arches can be customize with florals and colors just like regular arbors.

Trend 2: fruit

This trend is whimsical and modern at the same time. We love that there are so many variations depending on the season to add color and dimension to the wedding florals. Below we have a few options of how fruit

can be incorporated into your wedding florals. We love the look of the oranges for spring and summer and the raspberries and blackberries exude a darker look that would be perfect for fall. Especially in garlands, many different types of fruit can be used. One fun example could also be pomegranates for a dark red tone.

Trend 3: Bright pops of color

Belathee Photography, Unknown Florist

This trend is bold and bright and we are here for it! Bright colors make a statement but their really any colors will pair well with white, so you can't go wrong with this trend. The pops of bright pink and orange are spunky and fun, but you can also do bright pops of color with lighter greens or blues if the cooler colors are more your style. Another idea for this trend is to do bold for your bouquet and/or boutonniere and have the rest of the florals be more muted, such as green and white. Or vice versa, having your bouquet and/or boutonniere be more muted and have the rest of the floral be bold and bright! Another trend that is so versatile and customizable!

Erica Velasco Photography, Unknown Florist

Trend 4: single flower bouquets

We are seeing this trend picking up. This is a simple and minimalist look but can be incredibly elegant. We think that using only one color of the single flower looks nice, but you could also do a bunch of different colors of the same flower, if you want ton add some colorful dimension. There are so many flowers out there, that you could customize this look to be within your color palette and style. Some other flowers that we recommend for this look are roses, hydrangea or dahlias.

These are just a few examples of what we are expecting to see coming into our inbox for the 2023 and early 2024 wedding season. What do you think will be popular this year? Let us know in the comments!

Happy New Year!

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