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Eloping in Vermont

Are you thinking of eloping in Vermont? We highly recommend! We sat down with one of our favorite photographers, Isora from Isora Lithgow Creations who said that the most important part of planning your elopement is the location. Isora and I recently worked together on an elopement in Burlington, and I gotta say, downtown Burlington is such a fun location if you like the urban look for your photos.

Location #1: City Hall Steps

Vermont elopement at Burlington City Hall.

This location gives me New York Met vibes. It is a great neutral background that allows for your outfits and florals to stand out!

Location #2: City Hall park

Vermont elopement in Burlington City Hall Park.

City Hall Park was redone in 2020 and now it is a great location that combines the beautiful brick of Burlington with lush greenery that is the most beautiful bright green in the spring.

Location #3: The burlington waterfront

Vermont elopement at the Burlington waterfront.

Ok, this is definitely my favorite spot in Burlington for photos! During this elopement, Isora got photos of the couple along the boardwalk, with the shimmering Lake Champlain as a backdrop as well as the flowering rhododendron. So many fun options!

Elopement florals

When thinking about your elopement, florals can play a huge part in first making your day feel special while also adding in color and vibrancy. We offer a couple different elopement packages:

  1. Custom Floral Design: this is a great option if you have a specific floral vision in mind. We will work with you and your inspiration pictures to find flowers in your color palette with the textures you a looking for. This package is a higher price point due to the need to order specific flowers in advance and not all your florals being able to be used in other areas as you would in a larger wedding.

  2. Color Palette Packages: if you are looking for beautiful florals with a lower price point, let us create your elopement flowers for you! You choose a seasonal color palette, and we use our expertise and design eye to create beautiful arrangements for your elopement. Here are our seasonal color palette options:


  • Bright green, yellow, pinks

  • White and greenery

  • Pastels


  • Bright colors and greenery

  • White and greenery


  • Burnt orange, burgundy and dark greenery


  • Evergreens and white florals


Thinking about eloping in Vermont? Here are some recommendations for fabulous elopement photographers!

Looking for locations? Here are some ideas to get you started! We recommend talking to your photographer who can cater your location to your look you are going for.

Any questions? We love traveling around Vermont and can definitely guide you to find the right flowers for your elopement based on your setting.

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