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Big Blooms

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Are you a fan of show stopping, big and bold blooms?! So are we! We do love dainty and delicate arrangements, but there is something special about large blooms that draw your eye in and take your breath away. Below we will go into our favorite eye-catching blooms that are perfect for wedding florals.


A classic big bloom that adds summer cheer to any arrangement. Although not everyone's style, the sunflower brings so much joy when a couple asks for them in their floral proposal. Something we love about sunflowers that some may not know, is that sunflowers actually come in many shades. We are accustom to seeing the traditional yellow sunflower, however, we are able to procure you sunflowers in shades from white to dark burgundy. These bold blooms are perfect for summer and fall weddings!


To me hydrangeas are what I think of when I think of New England. They remind me a cape style house with large blue and white blooming bushes in the front. If you are looking for a classic wedding style, these fluffy blooms are perfect to bring your vision to life.


Where do we start with peonies... These blooms are so versatile in the wedding floral world. Peonies are perfect for spring and summer weddings. We can find peonies in a variety of colors from blush to bright pink to coral to bright orange. These bold blooms add a delicate but captivating element to any arrangement. I mean, how can you resist this fluffy bloom!


Although not typically used in wedding work in Vermont, this tropical bloom is becoming more popular in wedding work around the United States. This spiky flower adds unique texture and interest to floral arrangements. We think this would be a great addition for a couple who wants to stray away from the classic wedding look. Maybe include some dried florals? Maybe some autumn colors? The possibilities seem endless and we are excited to try to work more protea into our wedding work.


Where do we start with the beautiful and timeless rose... Roses come in so many colors, sizes and shapes and add the perfect classic and elegant element to wedding florals. We love the versatility of the rose and the ability of the rose to draw the viewer in but not demand the attention away from the whole floral arrangement. I don't think it needs to be said, but here I go, roses are a great addition to any floral proposal.


Ending with a bang, dahlias! Elena's favorite flower! I could go on and on about how much I love dahlias, but I will try to keep it short and to the point. Dahlias come in so many shades, colors and sizes. Although dahlias can be hard to procure in the wholesale world due to shorter vase life, we grow many varieties of dahlias to ensure that all our couples in the late summer and fall have the opportunity to have these stunning blooms for their wedding.

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